Episode T11 – Euergetes

Synopsis: Ongoing strife in Anatolia and Egypt allows Antiochus VII to campaign east against the Parthians.  His early successes inspire hopes of a resurgent Seleucid Empire, hopes shattered by his unexpected death.

“In Asia, Attalos III as soon as he came to the throne began to manage affairs in a way quite different from all the former kings; for they, by their clemency and kindness to their subjects, reigned prosperously and happily themselves and were a blessing to the kingdom; but this prince being of a cruel and bloody disposition oppressed his subjects with many slaughters and grievous calamities.” – Diodorus Siculus, The Historical Library, Book 35

“Ptolemy Physcon, when he saw that his sister Cleopatra (II) was so great an enemy to him, and could not revenge himself otherwise upon her, contrived a most abominable piece of villainy for that purpose.  For, imitating the cruelty of Medeia, he murdered her son, begotten by himself, in Cyprus; the son was called Memphites, and was still a young boy.” – Diodorus Siculus, The Historical Library, Book 35

“(Queen) Laodice (of Cappadocia) had had six children of the male sex by King Ariarathes (V); she feared that she would not long remain in control of the kingdom once any of them grew up, so she resorted to murder, killing five of them by poison.” – Justin, Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus, Book 37
Map of Anatolia after the Treaty of Apamea (c. 188 BC):

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  1. Hello from University of California Press! We would like to know if you’d be amenable to us pitching you from time to time authors from our Ancient World list that may be of interest to you, for discussion on your podcast. Could you provide an email so I may send you more information (specifically about Edward J. Watts, whose book “The Final Pagan Generation: Rome’s Unexpected Path to Christianity” has just been issued in paperback).

    Thanks for your consideration, and very best wishes,

    1. Hello! Thanks for contacting me. However, I need to let you know that my podcast is not an interview-type podcast, so what you propose likely wouldn’t work out. But thanks for contacting me, take care! – Scott

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