Episode B43 – Sibylline

Synopsis:  Samsigeramus saves Emesa from Sasanid destruction, then proclaims himself Augustus.  The arrival of Valerian marks the end of his reign and the elevation of Odaenathus to provincial governor.

“And then there shall be a flight of Romans; and thereafter there shall come the priest heard of all round, sent by the sun, from Syria appearing, and by guile shall he accomplish all things.  And then too the city of the sun shall offer prayer; and round about her shall the Persians dare the fearful threatenings of the Phoenicians.” – The Sibylline Oracles, Book XIII

2 thoughts on “Episode B43 – Sibylline

  1. Thank you so much for all this work. Discovered you a couple of months ago and here I am, very happy to know I still got a lot more episodes to hear. Lots of love from Chile, mate, eternal thanks again!

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! Really glad you’re enjoying the pod, another new Ep coming out next week. Enjoy!

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