Episode T17 – The Sons of Grypus

Synopsis: With Rome encroaching from the north and south, the sons of Grypus battle Parthians, usurpers and local powers to keep their hold on Syria.

“As he lingered on the banks of the Euphrates, (Sulla) received a visit from Orobazus, a Parthian, who came as an ambassador from King Arsaces, although up to this time the two nations had held no intercourse with one another.  This also is thought to have been part of Sulla’s great good fortune, that he should be the first Roman with whom the Parthians held conference when they wanted alliance and friendship.” – Plutarch, Parallel Lives, Sulla

“Straton, the tyrant of Berroea…called in Zizon, the ruler of the Arabian tribes, and Mithridates Sinax, the ruler of the Parthians, who coming with a great number of forces, and besieging Demetrius (III) in his encampment, into which they had driven them with their arrows, compelled those that were with him by thirst to deliver up themselves.  So they took a great many spoils out of that country, and Demetrius himself, whom they sent to Mithridates (II).” – Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, Book XIII, Chapter 12

(Absolutely awesome and super-useful) map of Syria and surrounding territories c. 95 BC


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