Episode C28 – The Fall of Carchemish

Synopsis: After defeating Syrian rebels at Qarqar and extending his dominion to the borders of Egypt, Sargon II labors to defend Tabal from the advances of Midas of Phrygia. Letters to Midas from Pisiri of Carchemish give Sargon a pretext to depose the Country Lord and annex his kingdom to Assyria.

“In my fifth regnal year, Pisiri of the city Carchemish sinned against the treaty sworn by the great gods and repeatedly sent messages hostile to Assyria to Midas, king of the land Musku; he held me in contempt. I threw (Pisiri), together with his family, in iron fetters. I opened his palace, his treasure house. I carried off as booty 10 talents of refined gold, (and) 2,100 talents of silver, (along with) arhu-copper, tin, iron, elephant hides, elephant ivory, battle-gear, and the guilty people among the city Carchemish who had sided with (Pisiri), along with their possessions, and brought them to Assyria. I conscripted 50 chariots, 200 cavalry and 3,000 foot soldiers from among them and added them to my royal military contingent. I settled Assyrians in the city Carchemish and imposed the yoke of the god Assur, my lord, upon them.” – The Annals of Sargon II

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