Episode C27 – True King

Synopsis: Shalmaneser V succeeds his father to the thrones of Assyria and Babylonia, then deals with rebellions in Samaria and Tyre. But his reign is cut short by the violent coup of Sargon II. After losing his hold on Babylonia, Sargon marches west to confront […]

Episode C26 – Damascus

Synopsis: Tiglath-pileser crushes rebellions in Patin and Luash and annexes their territories to Assyria. King Rasyan of Aram-Damascus forms a coalition of southern kingdoms – including Israel, Edom, Phoenicia and Philistia – to challenge Assyrian dominance, but betrayal by allies and the brutal tenacity of […]

Episode C25 – Arpad

Synopsis: Matti’el of Arpad turns his back on the Treaty of Katikka and allies with Sarduri II of Urartu. The usurpation of Tiglath-pileser III heralds an Assyrian resurgence and the kingdom of Arpad’s destruction. “Matti’el the son of Attar-shumki (II) fomented a rebellion against Assyria […]

Episode C23 – Eclipse

Synopsis: A siege by Adad-nirari’s subordinate, Nergal-Eresh, finally breaks the Damascene hold over southern Syria and Canaan. The Urartian kings Menua and Argishti press Assyria’s frontiers, even as they conquer and secure new territories in the Araxes River valley. In the reigns of Adad-nirari’s sons, […]

Episode C23 – Shammuramat

Synopsis: Emerging triumphant from civil war, Shamshi-Adad V devotes his energies to humbling Babylonia. Upon his death, his wife Shammuramat acts as regent for their son, Adad-nirari III, and both campaign across the Euphrates to confront a resurgent Arpad. Under its vigorous king Menua, Urartu […]

Episode C20 – Like A Fire

Synopsis: In Shalmaneser’s final years, his eldest son – the crown prince Assur-danin-pal – enters into rebellion, while his younger son, Shamshi-Adad, struggles to defend his father’s legacy. “Where my brother Assur-danin-pal, in the time of Shalmaneser, his father, acted wickedly, bringing about sedition, rebellion, […]

Episode C19 – The Anointed

Synopsis: Hazael of Aram-Damascus and Jehu of Israel bring desolation to the house of Omri. After decades of leading Assyrian campaigns, Shalmaneser III dispatches his turtanu, Dayan-Assur, to fight the newly-formed kingdom of Urartu. “And the Lord said unto (Elijah), Go, return on thy way […]