Episode T7 – Blazing From Afar

Synopsis: On the eastern frontiers of the Seleucid Empire, Parthia, Bactria and the Indo-Greeks struggle for regional supremacy.  The stalemate in Syria and murder of Eucratides advance the fortunes of Mithridates.

“At about the same time that Mithridates was beginning his rule in Parthia, Eucratides was beginning his in Bactria, both of them great men.  But the fortunes of the Parthians prevailed, carrying them to the zenith of their power under this king.” – Justin, Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus, 41.6

“The Yavanas (Greeks) will command, the Kings will disappear.  But ultimately the Yavanas, intoxicated with fighting, will not stay in Madhadesa (the Middle Country); there will be undoubtedly a civil war among them, arising in their own country (Bactria), there will be a terrible and ferocious war.”Gargi-Samhita, Yuga Purana, Chapter 7

3 thoughts on “Episode T7 – Blazing From Afar

  1. Hi, I’m enjoying listening to the podcast and wondering if the maps that you mention are available somewhere?



    1. Hi again Neil! Unfortunately, when I switched from Blogger to WordPress last year, I lost a lot of functionality in that respect. So the maps, etc. are no longer posted anywhere online. HOWEVER, I have them on my computer. It looks like you’re currently listening to the T (Thea) series. Let me dig up what I can for that series and e-mail to you at the e-mail address above. Thanks for listening, take care!

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