Episode T1 – Nicator

Synopsis: Seleucus I Nicator forges the Seleucid Empire, and his descendants spend the next century struggling to preserve his legacy.

“In Asia, after the defeat of Demetrius at Gaza in Syria, Seleucus, receiving from Ptolemy no more than eight hundred foot soldiers and about two hundred horse, set out for Babylon.” – Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Book XIX

5 thoughts on “Episode T1 – Nicator

  1. Great to see you back, scott!! It seems that the bull I have sacrificed served its purpose 🙂

    One wish: It would be great if yo shortly summarize these "anatolian" powers like bithynia, paphlagonia, pontus, komana pontica etc, armenia etc… For example, you speak about kingdom of armenia, but afaik armenians (and the kingdom of sophene) got their independence only after the battle of magnesia.

  2. Hi Mehmet! Sorry for the delay in replying, I was away with no internet. Thanks for the kind words. I also very much agree that the Anatolian situation is much more complex than I described. These first two episodes are meant to be a broad synopsis & introduction. When I get to the main story, as kingdoms impact the story I hope to provide more detail about them. Have a great New Year, and thanks for the bull! 😉 Take care, Scott C.

    1. Hi Morten, welcome back!! I hope things are well for you (or as well as can be expected in these times 😉 I hope you like the latest series. I also recently recorded a one-off on Queen Mavia and a 2-parter on ancient Yemen & Ethiopia. Enjoy! Take care, Scott C.

      1. Thx Scott – I enjoy it very much as always, the time and skills put into these podcasts – it’s amazing. And again, if u need some music I’d b very happy to help. Best Morten.

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