Episode 10 – Picking Up The Pieces

At the dawn of the first millennium BC, the collapse of the great Near Eastern powers allowed the cultures of Canaan to flourish.  While the Phoenicians embarked on a bold new era of maritime expansion, the Hebrews and Arameans carved out new Iron Age kingdoms that would have a lasting impact on the region.

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10 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Picking Up The Pieces

  1. Thanks, me too! It took Cyrus and the Persians to really perfect the multiethnic empire, but the Neo-Assyrians (brutal as they were!) laid a lot of the groundwork. And I've always been really drawn to their art.

  2. Thanks for putting this podcast together. I am really enjoying it. I also came from THoR, and I was excited to find something else that I could study now that that podcast has run its course. My question is, if iron is so much more abundant as you mentioned, why do we not see its use more commonly prior to the bronze age collapse?

  3. Thanks for listening! My understading is it was the "…when smiths leanred to work it…" part. Bronze was so associated with weaponry in that age that it probably took the hardships of the Collapse to drive folks to see how they could better make do with local resources, which is probably when they started experimenting more with iron.

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