First Ever TAW User Poll*

The Kings of Assyria were a group of very bad men. Not “Shaft” bad – just really, truly bad. But they also had some pretty crazy-cool names. In this first-ever TAW user’s poll, I wanted to give you, the listener, the chance to lord over all of the rulers in Assyrian history (Old, Middle and Neo) and choose which one had the baddest (yes, this time, “Shaft” baddest) name of all time!**

(*and totally not a stalling tactic while I continue cranking on the next episode)
(**keep in mind: poll is super-scientific, and results are 100% binding)

2 thoughts on “First Ever TAW User Poll*

  1. Hey, so who won the poll! Please provide some info on this.

    When you go to the poll link, it just says it’s closed and no results are given.
    Was the chosen name sooo bad that it has been decided to avoid it altogether?



  2. Aha, O.K., I’ve made my way up the episodes and so am now fully updated on the contest results.

    For anyone else interested, they are under the title “The Results Are In!” below Episode 12.

    Thanks for organising : ). AND for giving the results,


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