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Hi!  Well, a little over a month has passed since I posted the last episode, and what a busy month it has been.  The longed-for tapering off I’ve been hoping for has yet to transpire, but I’m still working hard toward my self-imposed deadline of getting the next episode posted before the end of July.  Since I’ll be away the better part of next weekend, that puts a little extra pressure on me, but I still think I’ll be able to pull it off.  So keep your eyes out for Episode 10, “Picking Up the Pieces,” coming your way soon!
Also, my ongoing busy-ness is, unfortunately, making the weekly(-ish) podcast schedule untenable, so I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be dropping back to a bi-weekly schedule for at least the month of August, and possibly for the remainder of the podcast.  That’s the only way I feel I can give each episode the time and attention it deserves.  Trust me, you do not want to short shrift the Neo-Assyrians – they tend to take things very personally.
Thanks again for listening, and keep spreading the word!
Scott C.

14 thoughts on “Another Message to Listeners

  1. Thanks! Ep. 10 is all written, now just need to record, edit, and do all the other little odds & ends. Should be up within the next week.

  2. Hi Scott, I also came over from THoR, and I love your posts. I do find it somewhat difficult to really understand and remember everything, probably because it is so new to me, so I'm listening to them a few times. I do hope you will decide to carry it a bit longer in time and include some of the Classical Era. I would love you to do some posts on the Persian Empire and the rest of the Middle East, especially up to the time of Mithradates, ~100 BC.

    i also agree with the others, it's much more important to keep up your standards. We'll wait!

  3. This podcast's content is dense for sure. I also listen to each episode 2-4 times to get all of the information. Same for the THoR, some interactive material (maps, pointers) while listening to it could help here, but that's just the limit of podcasts. Nevertheless TAW is great, and let's admit it – some of the ancient names just make one smile occasionally.

  4. Cynthia, thanks for listening, and I'm glad you're enjoying the podcast. It's always tough to strike the right balance between including "too much" and "too little" in each half-hour episode, but I try to let the available information and my own interests be my guide. Hopefully a few more things "click" with each listen!

    As far as delving into the Classical World, I appreciate the suggestion. For the moment, I'm planning to stick with my initial plan to stop around 500BC (which fortunately lets me cover at least the foundation of the Persian Empire). Since Classical Greece and Rome have already been covered so well, I probably wouldn't have much of value to add to the discussion. But as to your idea of doing something focussing on the Middle East, maybe from 500 BC through 100BC (or maybe even through the Islamic Conquest), that might be an interesting subject for a later podcast project. Thanks for mentioning it!

  5. Markus, I replied to Cynthia on the "density" topic, and hope you also find value in repeated listenings! You may be aware that along the right-hand side of The Ancient World blog/website, I post a number of links relevant to each podcast, including maps, photos, and other images. I'd highly recommend checking them out (especially the maps), hopefully they help in understanding the material. Thanks again for listening!

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