Episode C26 – Damascus

Synopsis: Tiglath-pileser crushes rebellions in Patin and Luash and annexes their territories to Assyria. King Rasyan of Aram-Damascus forms a coalition of southern kingdoms – including Israel, Edom, Phoenicia and Philistia – to challenge Assyrian dominance, but betrayal by allies and the brutal tenacity of Tiglath-pileser lead to his kingdom’s downfall.

“I am Bar-Rakib the son of Panamuwa, king of Sam’al, servant of Tiglath-pileser the lord of the four quarters of the earth. Because of the righteousness of my father and my own righteousness, I was seated by my Lord Tiglath-pileser upon the throne of my father. The house of my father has profited more than anybody else, and I have been running at the wheel of my Lord, the king of Assyria, in the midst of mighty kings, possessors of silver and possessors of gold.” – Stele of King Bar-Rakib of Sam’al

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