Episode C27 – True King

Synopsis: Shalmaneser V succeeds his father to the thrones of Assyria and Babylonia, then deals with rebellions in Samaria and Tyre. But his reign is cut short by the violent coup of Sargon II. After losing his hold on Babylonia, Sargon marches west to confront a Syrian alliance under Yaubidi of Hamath.

“With regard to the city Assur…Shalmaneser V, who did not revere the king of all the world, raised his hand against that city with evil intent…He oppressively imposed state service and corvee-duty upon its people and treated them as if they were of the lower class. At that time, the Enlil of the gods angrily overthrew his reign. As for me, Sargon…he exalted me and had me take hold of scepter, throne, and crown.” – The Assur Charter of Sargon II

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