Episode C23 – Eclipse

Synopsis: A siege by Adad-nirari’s subordinate, Nergal-Eresh, finally breaks the Damascene hold over southern Syria and Canaan. The Urartian kings Menua and Argishti press Assyria’s frontiers, even as they conquer and secure new territories in the Araxes River valley. In the reigns of Adad-nirari’s sons, the Empire is beset by plague, rebellions, and disturbing omens.

“Through the god Haldi’s power, Argishti, son of Menua, speaks: a city for my power I erected, and gave it the name of Argishtihinli. The land around was never inhabited, nothing was established here, therefore I have led four canals from the Manu river, I had vineyards and orchards established, I have done good things here. I am Argishti, son of Menua, powerful king, the great king, the king of the Land Biai, the Lord of the city of Tushpa.” – Inscription of Argishti of Urartu

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