Episode C8 – The Heirs of Hatti

Synopsis: The Great Kings of Carchemish continue ruling over a Hittite rump state in northern Syria as they support the region’s recovery.  After an attack by the Assyrian king Ashur-bel-kala, the Carchemish dynasty is supplanted by the house of Suhi.

“In that year, in the month Kislev,…from the River Khabur of the land Kharku to the city of Carchemish of the land Hatti he plundered.  He crossed the Euphrates after them in rafts made of inflated goatskins.”  – The Broken Obelisk (of Ashur-bel-kala)

Map of the Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean:


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6 thoughts on “Episode C8 – The Heirs of Hatti

    1. That’s great! I was lucky enough to visit Hattusa (and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations at Ankara) in 2018. Both were wonderful. Have a great New Year! – Scott C.

  1. Hi Scott,

    First: Thanks so much for making the podcast. Its been a joy to listen to for such a long time now. So much work must have gone into it already, and for me to just be able to listen to it free-of-charge is amazing.

    Second: I am sometimes curious about your sources, wanting to know more. I can’t seem to find them mentioned in show-notes. I know you use “Brice”, for example, so I googled “historian Brice” and I think I found the right guy, but then there are no publications I can see on his university page that might tell me more about Carchemish. So my question is: could you list your sources? Or at least the major ones? For example at least per podcast series? Maybe have a tab that says “sources”? This would allow listeners to learn more. Even better would be a bibliography: an annotated list of sources, where you give the reader your impression on the usefulness and/or limitations of important sources.

    No doubt you have a lot of spare time and were looking for just such a suggestion as this to find something to do with it.

    In any event, please do keep up this wonderful exploration. I will most certainly buy your book when it comes out. Presumably it will have plenty of sources listed?!

    Highest regards,

    Peter Quant,
    The Netherlands

    1. Hi Peter, great to hear from you! First, thanks for the kind feedback and appreciation, I’m very glad that you’re enjoying the podcast. Regarding the sources, you raise a good point. In my earlier series I mainly relied on books and websites – and I used to provide a list of References at the end of each series. But in my recent series (particularly “Thea” and “Carchemish”) I’ve also dug quite a bit into academic journal articles and seminars to try to obtain the “latest and greatest” information. I’m also using much the same approach on the book I’m working on (and yes, it will have References!😉

      Thanks for correctly anticipating my main challenge (free time! 😉 So let me respond in two ways: First, I’ll mull over your suggestions and see there’s some reasonable way that I can provide episode-specific references. And second, I’ll use your e-mail address above to send you summary of the major references I’m currently using for “TAW – Carchemish.” It won’t include all the articles & seminars, but hopefully it’ll be a start.

      Thanks again for writing (& listening), take care!
      Scott C.

  2. Scott,

    I have to echo what Peter wrote. I love your podcast and am increasingly curious about the ancient civilizations you cover and want to learn more. I also crack up on your droll humor. Don’t change. A bibliography would allow ‘converts’ to study further on the topics you’ve introduced.

    1. Hi Dave, Thanks for stopping by & happy you’re enjoying the podcast. If you like the humor, I suspect you’ll get a kick out of upcoming Ep C10 on The Report of Wenamun. The jokes there kind of write themselves 😉 And thanks to adding to Peter’s request, will keep considering the best/easiest way to do this. Like with Peter, I’ll also shoot you a quick e-mail (at the address above) with a introductory list of references. Take care, Scott C.

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