Episode S1 – Alexander in Bactria

“I am engaged in a land of a leonine and brave people, where every foot of the ground is like a wall of steel confronting my soldiers.  You have brought only one Alexander into the world, but every mother in this land has brought an Alexander into the world.” – Alexander the Great, in a letter written to his mother Olympias from Bactria

Synopsis: Five years of campaigning brought Alexander the Great to the doorstep of Bactria, but he’d spend much of the next three years – arguably the most difficult of his life – trying to control the region.  In this first episode of an occasional series called “The Ancient World – Spotlight” I’m joined by historian and author Tristan Hughes to discuss the uprising of the Sogdian warlord Spitamenes, quite possibly Alexander’s greatest foe, and the later revolts of Hellenic troops upon news of Alexander’s death.

Tristan Hughes @BattlesAncients on Twitter

Battles of the Ancients website www.turningpointsoftheancientworld.com

3 thoughts on “Episode S1 – Alexander in Bactria

  1. Wonderful and fascinating, thank you. All presented in a very clear way.
    What a great guest you have invited : )

    1. Hi Ivonna, I regret to tell you again that I am NOT getting notifications when you leave a comment – I don’t know why!! Anyway, whenever I swing by my page and see your comments I’ll be sure to reply. Take care!

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