Episode T3 – Thea

Synopsis: Lysias attempts to exercise control through the young King Antiochus V, but a deadly incident with a Roman delegation gives hope to the captive Demetrius.  Ptolemy Physcon challenges his brother Ptolemy VI for control of Egypt and Cyprus.

“They then went on board, and the pilot weighed anchor and started just as the day was breaking, having absolutely no idea of the real state of the case, but believing that he was conveying some soldiers from Menyllus to Ptolemy…It was not until the fourth day after his start that, Demetrius being looked for in vain, the truth was suspected.  On the fifth the Senate was hastily summoned to consider the matter, when Demetrius had already cleared the Straits of Messina.  The Senate gave up all idea of pursuit.” – Polybius, The Histories, Book XXXI

5 thoughts on “Episode T3 – Thea

  1. Thanks for asking! The piece is called “Ethnic Oud,” it’s by an artist named hamood, and it’s available on looperman.com. Hope you enjoy the new series! – Scott

  2. Great to have you back Scott. The new series looks really interesting.

    I like the short theme music too. Where's that from?

    1. I always was taught the pronunciation see-Leo Syria ( the Syrian pocket) similar to the ancient fish coelacanth but I see people are pronouncing it coel-Syria what do I know I’ve only been studying this subject since 1979 we have new insights today don’t we?!? Keep the story arch’s coming

      1. Hi! Interesting, I’ve never heard that pronunciation. With difficult names, I often poke around on Google to listen to different pronunciations and try to get it right, but I don’t recall doing that with Coele. Anyway, glad you’re enjoying the podcast, take care! – Scott C.

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