21 thoughts on “Episode 36 – And Then What Happened?

  1. It rare to have found a podcast that is well researched, presented, and wide ranging. So I will wait and hope you find a topic that follows the same pattern, of containing both the right amount of humor and factual production. I understand the need to gather the information and then to lay it on the table of history and find it well received. So I'll wait until you find the next period of interest. I'll content myself with this series and I can point someone to who is undecided on where to find a podcast that can opening the mind to history, without over loading the mind. You have have done a great service to those who care a great deal about the subject of history. Well done sir,well done.

  2. Sad to see it end Scott. I am very grateful for the series though, you did a great job of giving me some clarity about the ancient world. Really loved it and will miss it. I hope you will pick up some other historical subject in the near future, but for now enjoy your rest 😉
    Regards, Matt

  3. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you take all of us from the very ancient 'big men' to the firm foundations of our modern civilizations. Thank you for all the hard work; the research, the production value, the humor, and all of the thoughtfulness that has gone into every single episode.

  4. I also would like to say my thanks for this amazing work. Seriously, I have learned so much and this is among one of my top podcasts. I think I might return to some of these episodes from time to time to refresh my memory (and I am not even a history geek, just a curious fellow). Thank you for the time traveling through ancient times!

  5. You're very welcome, glad you enjoyed the series! I must admit, even I have to return to old episodes occasionally to refresh myself – it's hard to keep it all straight in my head. Thanks again!

  6. Hey Scott, Congrats on finishing. I've been with you since Mike Duncan promoted you around episode 4 or so. I think you really hit your stride when the Assyrians came along. You have really given my a lot of stuff to chew on and have greatly expanded my "to-read" bookshelf. Thanks for all the research and work.

  7. You're very welcome! Thanks for sticking it out, glad you enjoyed the series. I agree, the Assyrians really gave me something to sink my teeth into. I still have a soft spot for them. Thanks again!

  8. Scott, Am only on Episode-9 but you have me addicted. Thank you very much for your excellent podcast and good luck on your next project and have fun at your wrap party! You've earned it.

  9. Thanks for taking over the role of main podcaster on my runs after Mike Duncan wrapped up. Looks like I'm off the the Revolutions now, which I had no idea about until you plugged it.

  10. Fantastic podcast, nuanced and evenhanded, plenty of detail but also entertaining! I can't say enough great things about this podcast and look forward to future work from you! (I'm surprised that you recommended Persian Fire though, it's the opposite of everything I just said about your podcast)

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