TAW Wrap Party & Mike Duncan Interview

I just got clued into this recent Mike Duncan interview on Podcast 411, where he (very accurately!) relates the story of how The Ancient World podcast got started. Enjoy!


And here’s the scoop on the TAW Wrap Party: There’s a bar right down the street, where my wife and I (and maybe a few friends) plan to plant ourselves for a few hours, in the hopes of sharing a few drinks, stories, and seasons greetings with any TAW listeners who’d like to swing by. If you’re coming from out of town, and want to make a truly “historic” weekend of it, I’d certainly recommend a visit to two of San Francisco’s best museums: The Asian Art Museum, and the Legion of Honor, both of which have permanent exhibitions with plenty of amazing ancient art. Oh, and the statue of Ashurbanipal is located right outside the Asian Art Museum, so don’t miss that! And then of course there are also the million other things you can do in San Francisco during any given weekend. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Saturday, November 16, 8 – 11PM

Spitfire Rose
1790 San Jose Avenue
San Francisco, CA  94112Saturday November 16, 8 – 11PM
Spitfire Rose
1790 San Jose Ave.
San Francisco, CA

Hope to see you there!

Scott C.

4 thoughts on “TAW Wrap Party & Mike Duncan Interview

  1. Gah! Of course once I discover this exists, it has just finished and I missed the party – and I'm local to you!

    Sigh. If you ever have another…

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