Episode 3 – “Wherever I Went, Let Him Go!”

“Now any king who wants to call himself my equal, wherever I went, let him go!” – Sargon the Great

In 2,334 BC, Sargon of Akkad forged the world’s first empire and created a legend that would inspire Near Eastern rulers for millennia. The Third Dynasty of Ur built its smaller but more centralized structure on Akkadian foundations.

3 thoughts on “Episode 3 – “Wherever I Went, Let Him Go!”

  1. Hi! The two books I used (WAAAAAYYY back 😉 when I researched this episode were Roux's "Ancient Iraq" and (mostly) Van De Mieroop's "A History of the Ancient Near East." I just looked on Amazon.com, and there's a recent one called "The Age of Agade" which looks to be focussed on the Akkadians by a Near East expert, so that might be a good bet. In fact, I might buy it myself! Hope you enjoy all the episodes & series, take care!

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