Episode 3 – “Wherever I Went, Let Him Go!”

“Now any king who wants to call himself my equal, wherever I went, let him go!” – Sargon the Great

In 2,334 BC, Sargon of Akkad forged the world’s first empire and created a legend that would inspire Near Eastern rulers for millennia. The Third Dynasty of Ur built its smaller but more centralized structure on Akkadian foundations.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 3 – “Wherever I Went, Let Him Go!”

  1. Hi! The two books I used (WAAAAAYYY back 😉 when I researched this episode were Roux's "Ancient Iraq" and (mostly) Van De Mieroop's "A History of the Ancient Near East." I just looked on Amazon.com, and there's a recent one called "The Age of Agade" which looks to be focussed on the Akkadians by a Near East expert, so that might be a good bet. In fact, I might buy it myself! Hope you enjoy all the episodes & series, take care!

    1. I was also curious about the source books or materials for the research of these episodes. I have listened to the podcast through at least once and know you mention a series of books you used at the end of the main section of episodes, but if you had a list somewhere of all the sources you used for all the episodes I would LOVE to see that! Thank you so much for all the great content and information! So happy to have found your podcast!

      1. Hi Padraic! Good to hear from you, sorry for the delay in responding. If it’s OK with you, I’ll e-mail my list of references for the first 3 series to you at the e-mail address above. Thanks again for listening to the podcast, take care! – Scott C.

  2. Hi Scott, love the podcast.
    What book reference would you recommend I read to learn about Sargon of Akkad?


  3. Hi,

    I’ve found this podcast via Dominic Perry’s Ancient Egypt Podcast.

    And I must say I am enjoying your production a lot.

    Thanks : )

    Ivonna Nowicka

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