Episode C13 – The Hand of Shishak

Synopsis: The Canaanite cities of Tel-Rehov and Beth-Shean were re-founded by the Pharaoh Thutmose III in the wake of the Battle of Megiddo. By the early Iron Age, their size, location and wealth drew the attention of the Pharaoh Shoshenq I.

“(Thutmose) was in their center, Amun being the protection of his person in the melee, and the strength of Set pervading his members…Then (the enemy) saw his majesty prevailing over them, and they fled headlong to Megiddo with faces of fear.” – The Battle of Megiddo Inscription

Map of the Early Iron Age Near East:


Map of Early Iron Age Southern Syria and Canaan:


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7 thoughts on “Episode C13 – The Hand of Shishak

  1. dear Scott,
    I like your work very much, and would like to be able to listen it offline
    is there a way to download your podcast episodes as mp3 files?

    1. Thanks! What App/service do you use to listen to podcasts? Many podcast Apps (like Stitcher, Goodpods, or the Apple or Android Podcast Apps) allow you to download if you wish. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can currently download directly from the Blog site (ancientworldpodcast.com). Good luck! – Scott C.

  2. I usually listen throught the blog.
    older episodes had the possibility of being downloaded, you might consider adding it again.
    congratulations anyway for your work

    and remember, your fan base wants more assyrians!

    1. I will try to include a download link for this week’s new episode on the blog site. Hopefully it will work. And this Ep is ALL Shalmaneser 😉 Take care!

  3. Hi, Scott,

    It was so nice to come back again to your informative presentations about strange worlds, as much as to your sense of humour.
    I enjoyed both very much,



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