Episode C14 – The House of Suhi

Synopsis: The Country Lords of Carchemish adorned their city with temples and monuments. But Assyrian conquests in the Khabur River valley heralded a growing eastern threat.

“I am the ruler Katuwa, Country Lord of Carchemish, son of the Country Lord Suhi (II), grandson of the Country-Lord Astuwatamanza. The gods raised me by the hand and they gave to me my paternal succession. And because of my justice the gods raised me in strength….I myself then constructed the temple for the Storm God of Carchemish with that abundance, and I established for him seasonal offerings.” – Inscription of Katuwa on the King’s Gate at Carchemish, late 10th/early 9th century BC

Map of the Early Iron Age Near East:


Map of Early Iron Age Northern Syria:


Rulers of Carchemish:


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