2 thoughts on “The Method to My Madness

  1. Hello! I am working my way through your podcast for the second time. It’s absolutely fascinating. I am recommending it to others, but I run in some fairly academically discerning circles, and I am looking for information for secondary and further research. Is there a literature review, bibliography, or source list?

    1. Hi! Thanks very much for the kind words, I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast. I get this question quite a bit. I used to have “references & recommended reading” links for each season on my website, but lost those links in the transition from Blogger to WordPress. Recently I’ve been trying to re-add the links to each individual episode on the blog site. You’ll notice (for example) that all recent “C-series” episodes contain “references & recommended reading” links. I’m slowly trying to back-fill this information for all podcast series. I think the only links missing at the moment are for some Bloodline Episodes, for all Thea Episodes, and for the Spotlight Episodes. Hopefully by sometime early next year every episode on the blog site will have this type of link. Thanks again for your interest & take care! – Scott C.

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