Episode C3 – The Eternal Treaty

Synopsis:  Hattusili III’s diplomacy with the pharaoh Ramesses II culminates in the world’s first peace treaty.  After his death, his son Tudhaliya IV drives out the Ahhiyawans, then defends northern Syria against Assyrian aggression.

“The Kings who are my equals in rank are the King of Egypt, the King of Babylonia, the King of Assyria, [and the King of Ahhiyawa]…Since the King of Assyria is the enemy of My Majesty, he shall likewise be your enemy.  Your merchant shall not go to Assyria, and you shall not allow his merchant into your land…You shall not allow any ship of Ahhiyawa to go to the King of Assyria.”  – Treaty Between Tudhaliya IV of Hatti and Shaushga-Muwa, King of Amurru

Map of the Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean:


The Hittite Royal Family:


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