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  1. My condolences Scott!…If quantity of comments is any indicator, it appears your most excellent work appeals to non-clamorists, such as myself, depriving you of the acclaim you should be drowning in! I, and very likely many other not-so-vocal-but-avid (rabid?) followers, dread the day you end this ride, as it is without equal in the world of history presentations, regardless of format. This most fascinating of subjects is brought so vibrantly to life by your truly unique perspective, sense of history and humor, and the bestest delivery on the Net! There is some talent among the riff-raff doing history podcasts, but jew got stile, ya' no? For the past few weeks (being painfully aware the end is nigh) I've imagined scenarios in which TAW would continue to live. My first choice would be to start at the beginning, and cover the many other events that did not fit into your original plan. I know you are not so dull as to consider it 'backtracking', so how to convince someone with talent to take on such a monumental (and daunting) project? I wish I had the answer to that, as I would be jazzed to have the definitive 'Ancient World History' by Scott C.!! On a different note, what do you have in mind for the 'wrap up' event? I live in the unfashionable part of the Bay Area, but still close enough to attend…
    In closing, I would like to sincerely thank you for the hours of pleasure your efforts have afforded me – one of the best gifts I've ever received, and from someone I've never met! Curtis

  2. Thanks for the enthusiastic endorsement! I really appreciate it. This series has pretty much shaped up into what I envisioned it being (thought it's obviously grown, since I keep coming across interesting new sources and information along the way), so I doubt I'd to a second loop around the track. But I appreciate the ongoing support! I suspect some time down the road, I'll start nurturing a follow-up idea or two. For the wrap, I was probably only thinking a drink or two at a local bar to meet the listeners and chat a bit. If I decide to do something, I'll get the word out via blog post and Facebook. Thanks again for the high praise, I'm really glad when the work connects with someone, and they get as much enjoyment out of listening to it as I do in making it. Take care,
    Scott C.

  3. Dreading the end of this podcast. If the timing is right, I'd even come in from Texas to join the wrap-party (I visit the Bay Area a lot for work).

  4. Thanks! It's still hard to project when the series will wrap, there's still so much interesting stuff to cover! I'll give everyone a heads up about the wrap party, hope you can make it! Thanks again – Scott C.

  5. I'm still back on episode 19 (but catching up fast). The wide range of time covered by the project has certainly been ambitious and has left me with a list of topics to look into for more detail. Shame it has to end so soon, but I'll definitely look forward to whatever you follow this up with.

    (I'm in the UK, so turning up for a wrap party is unlikely!)


  6. Sounds like you're main-lining a lot of history! Glad you're enjoying the series. You're almost to my Ashurbanipal double-header (20 & 21), which were two of my favorite eps. (along with the Bronze Age Collapse ep.) Glad I've given you some ideas for further reading/research, and I'm guessing (at the current rate) the series will probably continue through most of the Summer. Thanks again for listening!

    1. Hi Dawn! Oh well, it’s always the thought that counts 😉 WAAAYY back then, my “wrap party” only had one Listener attendee, but he’d flown all all the way from Boston to attend, so we still had a great time. Hope you’re enjoying the podcast, I’m currently writing new episodes. Take care!

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