Anniversary and Milestones

Greetings TAW listeners!  April 4, 2013 will mark the one year anniversary since this podcast was first launched, and what an amazing year it’s been.   I wanted to thank you all – not only for your kind words, wonderful iTunes reviews, and lovely Facebook posts – but also for helping me, and the series, reach the following, rather mind-boggling, set of milestones:

  • 250 Facebook “Likes” (OK, that’s not mind-boggling, but it is fun)
  • 5,000 regular subscribers, and (wait for it…)
  • 250,000 episode downloads!!!

Episode 25 (the Silver Anniversary episode!) is coming up next and, in yet another nod to reality, I’ll officially be changing the subtitle of TAW from “around 20 episodes” to “around 30 episodes.”    

A few thousand years in the bank, less than a century left to go – but trust me, there are a lot of amazing developments crammed into that last century.  Thanks again for listening, and keep spreading the word!

Scott C.

8 thoughts on “Anniversary and Milestones

  1. Yes, big congrats on an awesome, interesting and enlightening foray in ancient history! I'm kinda sad you're already down to that last century, though… 🙁 Is there any way we could convince you too stretch out the number of episodes by bringing the far east and the Americas into the mix once again? 😛 Anyways, kudos and THANK YOU!

  2. Thanks! If there was more good, interesting detail available on the Far East or the Americas, believe me, I'd be happy to do another episode on them, but I didn't come across too much more in my research. On the positive side, I'm making sure I take my sweet time giving this last century all the attention and detail it merits (which is a lot!), so there might end up being another episode or two coming out of that process. Thanks again for listening, glad you're enjoying it! PS Just digging into Thales of Miletus this morning – interesting guy!

  3. Just wanted to drop a line and say a big "thank you Scott!" History podcasts are so much fun and I really appreciate all the work guys like you (and Mike Duncan and Dan Carlin, my other two regular podcast guys) do to make it such a joy to listen to.
    So hooray for 25 episodes! Looking forward to the conclusion (not too soon I hope) and your future endeavours!

    Kind regards,
    Erik van Doorn

  4. Thanks for listening Erik! Really glad you're enjoying the series. I've got another episode all written, just need to break off some time to record, edit and post (hopefully by end of week). I wouldn't be surprised if the series runs another 5 or 6 episodes, so we've still got a ways to go. Thanks again for your support, I appreciate it! Scott C.

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