A Message to Listeners

First off, thanks for listening!  I really enjoy making this podcast, but it makes the effort all the more rewarding to see the subscription numbers slowly climb.  So if you know anyone else who might be interested in The Ancient World, please feel free to spread the word.  For those who don’t know, the podcast is also up on iTunes, which makes it super-easy to subscribe.  You can also post a review there if you’d like.  If you have any other feedback, you’re welcome to post (or message me) at the Facebook contact link.  Either way, I’d love to hear from you!
Now a bit of logistics:  Remember April?  Ah, that was a lovely month, with every weekend free so I could get some traction getting this thing off the ground.  Unfortunately, such things never last.  The next few months have just enough work and personal travel to throw me off my weekly podcast schedule.  My plan is to get the next episode up on May 20, then hopefully post additional episodes on May 27 and June 3, which (again, I’m hoping) should take us up to the Bronze Age Collapse – you know, that period around 1,200 BC when the hand of fate picked up the regional etch-a-sketch and gave it a good, hard shake.   After that, I’ll probably be a few weeks before I’m able to post again.  But never fear, I am 110% committed to completing this project, so please stay subscribed and await further updates.
On the brighter side (for those of you who enjoy this podcast):  I don’t think 12 episodes are quite going to do it.  As I proceed through this effort, I’m finding that my nice, tidy 12-episode outline is slowly expanding and re-shuffling as I come across more new information I want to include and different ways I want to approach the material.  So, 12 will probably become more like 15 by the time things are done.  But I’m happy to keep making them as long as you keep listening!
Thanks again for supporting the podcast, I really appreciate it!
Scott C.

18 thoughts on “A Message to Listeners

  1. Came to this site from Mike Dunkan's History of Rome.
    Like it very much! Keep going, Scott, there will be more people coming. Glad to see that fellow San Franciscans enjoy history as much as I do.

  2. Hi Scott. Another one coming from Mikes podcast.

    I've already run through your catalogue of episodes twice now since yesterday. (Enjoying a 4 day weekend)
    A very interesting subject and entertaining storytelling.
    I'm very much looking to forward to future episodes of your podcast.

  3. Hi Scott..Greetings from India. .awesome podcast..can't wait for the next episodes..keep up the great work..thank you mike for recommending this another great work..YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  4. Hey Scott super entertaining podcast while simultaneously informative. You are a natural performer. FYI I'm listening to you from my Windows Phone. I used the PODCASTS! app and when I went to education ( I'm not that boring… Honest.) you're one of their recommendations

  5. Scott, if possible and if you're interested in it, I'd love to hear a show focused on all the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern/Indo-European religions and how they (co-)evolved in relation or opposition to each other.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion. To be honest, going into that subject in any depth is beyond the scope of my plans for this podcast. However, I believe that there may be other podcasts out there that already take on this topic (at least to some degree). Let me know if you find any good ones!

  7. Hi there, also pleased to find your site and came across the podcast oh, a few weeks ago. I'm only on Episode three but enjoying enormously. I studied Hist of Art, and used to drif thtrough the Ancient World galleries thinking hmmm, love this stuff… so the podcast is fun to fill out the who and the history side. Keep going, we're here if you head for two dozen episodes…. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the kind words, glad you're enjoying the series! I feel the same way – always drawn to ancient art, never really understood the context. Researching the series has really helped me fill in some of the gaps myself. Thanks for listening!

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