Episode C17 – The House of Omri

Synopsis: Political intrigues in Iron Age Israel end with the rise of King Omri.  The kingdoms of Hamath and Aram-Damascus leverage military power and regional diplomacy to prepare for the coming of Shalmaneser.

“I am Urahilina, son of Paritas, king of Hamath…I made my own seat for every single god. But this seat I built for Ba’alat, and I put my name and Ba’alat’s on it…During the time of my father and grandfather, the temple of Ba’alat lacked income. They did not burn the burnt offering, a sacrificial ox, up and down to the god. But myself, in my times, it shall not lack income.” – Building inscription of King Urahilina of Hamath, recording the construction and endowment of a temple to the goddess Ba’alat

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