The Ancient World – Bloodline

Let the cryptic teasers begin!  First off, the new series will be called “The Ancient World – Bloodline.”  I recently finished drafting the first episode.  It’s one of the toughest I’ve ever written, since it covers major world events from the perspective of an adolescent girl.  Having never been an adolescent girl, the challenges are fairly obvious, but I think the text is getting close to where I want it to be.  I also started drafting the second episode, which is a much more straightforward affair.  I want to get around three or so episodes drafted before I start thinking about production, but (fingers crossed!) I should be in good shape to start posting sometime next month. 

For those who like change, the new series will have new subject matter, a new website design, new music, and a more “streamlined” approach.  For those who like consistency, it will have the same website, same social media sites, same podcast feed and, well, same podcaster. 

I’m still playing the subject matter pretty close to the vest.  You’ll get the general idea in the first episode, but it really won’t be until a half-dozen or so in before the overall journey will take shape.  Hopefully it’ll be one you’ll enjoy.  Thanks for listening! – Scott C.

3 thoughts on “The Ancient World – Bloodline

  1. Sounds very ambitious! I'm looking forward to see how this turns out as it seems quite different to most of the podcasts out there.

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