Episode 7 – Between Lions and Men

“As there are no pacts of faith between lions and men,
nor do wolves and lambs have spirit in kind,…nor for us two
will there be oaths;…
Recollect your every skill.  Now the need is very great
to be a spearman and brave warrior.” – Achilles, the Iliad
The Mycenaean Greeks melded their warrior ethos with Minoan artistry to rule over an Aegean empire extending to the shores of ancient Troy.  The Aryans, distant relatives of the Mitanni, imported their Vedic culture into Northern India by chariot and sword.  Meanwhile, China’s Shang Dynasty, after ousting the corrupt Xia to build a mighty Bronze Age kingdom, saw the Mandate of Heaven pass to the Zhou.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Between Lions and Men

  1. Hi. I am listening to these great podcasts, but sometimes I can't hear specific names properly. Could you provide texts for these podcasts. Thanks in advance

  2. I appreciate your hidden sense of humour a lot.

    Also glad you started to pronounce the “K” in Knossos, I already thought reading it without is another example of the ways in which English speakers distort original proper names.

    Best, Ivonna

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