Episode 2 – Circles and Labyrinths

Contemporary with early Sumer and Egypt, the Norte Chico thrived along the Peruvian coast, while the Neolithic Britons built their mysterious stone circles. The first European civilization, the Minoans of ancient Crete, exerted a strong cultural influence over the eastern Mediterranean.

9 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Circles and Labyrinths

  1. Great podcast. A bit info overload for me, but if I pause every once in awhile to check wikipedia or a map I'm ok. Were you going to include links in here somewhere? That would be really cool. Also the link in the podcast info doesoesn't come here. That might be a good idea. Looking forward to my morning commute 🙂

  2. Sorry about the overload, but glad you're enjoying the podcast! On the right-hand side of this blog page, I include links (maps & images) associated with each episode. Sometimes they really help with following the material. Could you clarify about the "link in the podcast info doesn't come here"? Are you referrring to the website link in iTunes? Thanks again for listening.

  3. SorrySorry!
    I was using my smartphone and the links on the right do not show up on the mobile version of this site. But when I switched to "View web version" it is viewable on my smartphone.
    When I open the podcast using Doubletwist on android and click on information, there is a link that I thought would take me to this page, but it is a link for the podcast?
    Maybe it is something technical that I should ignore.
    Got the web version bookmarked so I can follow along with the maps while listening. Really good stuff and like you said, hard to find information compared with the classical period.

  4. No problem, I'm just glad the site wasn't broken! And the link you post above is a link you would right-click in order to download the audio-file (mp3) for Episode 2. Not familiar with the Doubletwist interface, but hopefully it will work OK for you. Thanks again! PS Now that you have the right-hand side info, you're welcome to check out the Facebook link as well. I sometimes post more informal updates there.

  5. Just started listening and loving it so far.

    I might be too late to this party but I wonder if anyone knows a good popular-ish history book on the Norte Chico?

  6. Hi Scott. I'm just getting started with your podcast, and am really enjoying it! I chose it because I found myself wondering, "What the heck was going on before all that history I usually read about?" In one of these early episodes, you commented something along the lines of "writing was only invented X times and government (?) was only invented Y times. Can you remind me of which episode talks about that?

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