Episode C6 – The Splendid Flame

Synopsis: In the wake of the Sea Peoples, the Hittite Great King Kuzi-Teshub focuses on rebuilding and strengthening his kingdom.  A powerful new threat soon emerges in the form of King Tiglath-Pileser I of Assyria.

“In the service of my Lord Ashur, my chariots and warriors I assembled; I set out on my march. In front of my strong men I went to the country of the Aramaeans, the enemies of my Lord Ashur. From before Tsukha, as far as the city of (Carchemish) belonging to the country of (Hatti), I smote with one blow. Their fighting men I slew; their movables, their wealth, and their valuables in countless numbers I carried off.” – Inscription of Tiglath-Pileser I

Map of the Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean:


The Hittite Royal Family:


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8 thoughts on “Episode C6 – The Splendid Flame

  1. Ad. 02:27 – we still have to wait some time for Dominic to come to the 20th dynasty and all the Ramesid pharaos mentioned here.

    As of today, he is nearing the end of the 18th dynasty, has discussed the death of Tutankhamun and has two more pharaos to go to finish this dynasty.

    1. Yes, I’ve been following his show as well. We briefly “crossed paths” time-wise when I did Episode C1 of my Hittite series, which covered the events of Tutunkhamun’s reign (from the Hittite side 😉

  2. Each time I listen I find new stuff. Loving the redone series. Miss some of the jokes. This series is absolutely peak history telling. Gracias 🙏🏽

    1. Hi Ricardo! Sorry for the delay in responding, I was having some work done on my website and unable to access it for a couple days. Thank you very much for your kind feedback. By “redone series” do you mean my “The Bronze Age” class? Yes, I admit the tone I took in that was a bit more “serious” 😉 Thanks again, I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast. Take care!

        1. Hi Jorge, thanks for checking in! I’m fine (just BUSY). New episodes coming out in December + January. Have a great holiday, take care! – Scott C.

    1. Hello, thanks for the kind feedback. I apologize, but I currently don’t post the scripts for my podcasts. Take care! – Scott C.

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