Holiday Break

So…Egypt, huh?  Yeah, that was pretty crazy.  And what about this new guy, Aurelian?  I can’t quite put my finger on it but he seems like he could be trouble.  But I’m sorry to say it’ll be a few weeks before we continue the story. You have to admit I’ve been pretty good – I got 5 new episodes out back to back.  I’m not asking for a parade or anything, I’m just pretty happy I managed to pull it off.  But now yeah, the usual – work and the Holidays are putting me a little behind the podcast production curve. 

Things being where they are Zenobia-wise, my plan is to write the final episodes of the series then release them all in another steady string – starting sometime around the beginning of the New Year.  Which means I’m not talking about a huge break, just a few weeks.  So everyone please enjoy your Holidays, and look forward to starting off 2018 with more new episodes of The Ancient World.

I also wanted to mention that – for those of you in Northern California – Mike Duncan’s book tour for “The Storm Before the Storm” is hitting Book Passage in San Francisco at 6PM on December 5 – a little over a week away.  My wife and I will be there, so if you’re so inclined please come on out to support Mike and feel free to say “hi” to us as well.  I’ve posted a pic on the Facebook page, so you’ll at least have a chance of picking us out of what I’m sure will be a super-enormous crowd.

Everyone please have a great Holiday, and thanks again for listening!


12 thoughts on “Holiday Break

  1. Thanks, I'm pretty happy with the latest set of Eps. Now the big challenge is to do justice to the truly operatic end of the story 😉 Have a great holiday, take care! – Scott

  2. thank you for sharing this beautiful information of ancient world.

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  3. I can't believe I put off listening to this podcast! I had listened to your ancient world podcast and thought this one was… different? I didn't realize it was a riveting story about a time in history that was so filled with great stories! I'll be caught up by the time the new eps come out.

  4. Hi Scott
    I've listened to and very much enjoyed many of your podcasts over the past few years. Recently, I've been reading about the theory being put forward by Eberhard Zangger that the Bronze Age Collapse was caused by the predations of a previously unknown Wester Anatolian civilisation called the Luwians. Many experts in the field reject Zangger's ideas. I'd be interested to hear your opinion.

  5. Hi Terry! My only current understanding is that "Luwian" was a language group spoken by the Hittites, but I've never heard "Luwians" discussed as an ethnic group. Thanks for forwarding the article, if I'm able to access it, I'll give it a look. Glad you've been enjoying the podcast, take care! – Scott C.

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