Episode B36 – The Black Stone

Synopsis:  Elagabalus spearheads a religious revolution in Rome, but his unpopular rule drives Julia Maesa to enact a back-up plan.

“To this temple, as to the common center of religious worship, the Imperial fanatic attempted to remove the Ancilia, the Palladium, and all the sacred pledges of the faith of Numa.  A crowd of inferior deities attended in various stations the majesty of the god of Emesa; but his court was still imperfect, till a female of distinguished rank was admitted to his bed.  Pallas had been first chosen for his consort; but as it was dreaded lest her warlike terrors might affront the soft delicacy of a Syrian deity, the Moon, adorned by the Africans under the name of Astarte, was deemed a more suitable companion for the Sun.” – Edward Gibbon, History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume 1, Chapter 6

4 thoughts on “Episode B36 – The Black Stone

  1. I can recommend 'The Black Stone' from Nigel Brown's detective series 'Agent of Rome', though it's set a little later, during the reign of Aurelius.

  2. Thanks Morten! Always good to hear from you, and I hope things are well. I'm still in love with the TAW-Bloodine theme music, thanks again! Take care, Scott

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