I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated to the TAW Syria Fund Drive.  In the end, we raised over $5,000 to help preserve Syrian heritage sites and support Syrian refugees.  You guys definitely came through, and I really appreciate it.  Big TAW thanks go out to all the following donors (in no particular order):

Patricia Matson (in Memory of Lloyd and Tina Elkins) Parker Newcomb
Kevin McFadden                                                     Aimee Popp
Terry Dillon                                                           Richie Walker
Antti Rasinen                                                         Georgi Petrov
Gnanadeep Kollipara                                              Johan Torne
Rita Mathis                                                            Julie Jones
Travis Anderson                                                     Matthew Smith
Joseph Cigliano                                                      Paul and Meg Strong
Michele Dana                                                         Gary Jones
Steven Diamond                                                    Julius (Jay) Bennett
Brenda Buxton                                                       Colby Stearns
Ned Mastro                                                            Brent Mallinckrodt
Matthew Brauer                                                     Greg Strasburg
Ryan Murphy                                                          Christophe Mandy
Benjamin Amy                                                        Briauna Dodson
Mark Simms                                                           Richard Burgess
Jan Willem van Dalen                                              Radu-Iulian Costin
Brian Collins                                                           Julienne Tracy
Darren Hart                                                            Jared Magee
Heather Jacobsen                                                    Jonathan Bergdoll
Norman Casagrande                                                Jed Joyce
Franz Rivera                                                           Mark Webster
Bart Nadeau                                                           Steven Malone
Peter McIntyre                                                        Alan Barker
Andrew Wren                                                          Bryant Fairley
Carl Thoren                                                            Christopher Hays
David Wallace                                                         Dennis White
Jason Rosecast                                                       Jeff Edelbrock
John Holmes                                                           Keith Binns
Kyle Parker                                                             Natacha Tracy
Paul Ross                                                                Sam Cumming
Scott Brayton                                                          Wim Hance 
Gregory Estey                                                          Gil Elgez

I also need to mention that a lot of you have donated enough to get a prize, but haven’t given me your contact information, or let me know which prize you want.  If you donated enough to get one of the prizes, please make sure you e-mail me at with your donation receipt, contact information, and letting me know which gift you want.  You’ve already earned it, now I just need to get it to you!
And now some logistics.  The past few months were mostly about getting the Fund Drive up and running, and the past few weeks I’ve been overseas on a project. The end result is that I’m way behind in drafting new episodes for the series.  In fact, before I write any more, I need to do more research.  And before I do more research, I need to get the Fund Drive gifts prepared and shipped out to all the donors – which I’m hoping to do by the end of July, but may roll into early August, so please be patient!
And I think you all know where this conversation is going.  Yes, the end result is that it will likely be September before Bloodline picks up with the story of the Roman-Jewish War.  It sucks, but there it is – and I wanted to give you advanced notice so you don’t think I dropped off the face of the earth.  In the meantime, I’ll still be keeping in touch with listeners on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you’re following me there.  And if you want an update on when your prize is coming, you’re welcome to e-mail me at
In the meantime, thanks for helping out with the TAW Syria Fund Drive, and thanks again for listening!
Scott C.

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