Episode B16 – Burn

Synopsis:  The birth of Drusilla and Sohaemus’ son Gaius Julius Alexio.  The Empire confronts the revolt of Boudica, renewed warfare in Armenia, and the Great Fire of Rome.
“Rome shall perish – write that word
In the blood that she has spilt;
Perish, hopeless and abhorr’d,
Deep in ruin as in guilt.” – William Cowper, Boadicea: An Ode
Map of Near East c. 64AD:

5 thoughts on “Episode B16 – Burn

  1. Just in case this proves useful for some Listerners:

    There is a Nobel-awarded novel about the fate of the first Christians in Rome in the times of Nero,
    called “Quo vadis” by Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz.
    It is available in English.

  2. Ad. pronounciation
    Pahlavi, pronounced /pa-h-la-vi/ – the “h” is pronounced like in “Bach”.

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