Episode B5 – Eclipsis

Synopsis: The birth of Juba and Selene’s children, Ptolemy and Drusilla, and the death of Cleopatra Selene.

“The moon herself grew dark, rising at sunset,

Covering her suffering in the night,
Because she saw her beautiful namesake, Selene,
Breathless, descending to Hades,
With her she’d had the beauty of her light in common,
And mingled her own darkness with her death.” – Crinagoras of Myteline, Epigram for Cleopatra Selene 
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One thought on “Episode B5 – Eclipsis

  1. Just a heads up that the link to this episode seems to be broken, both on here and on the podcast apps. Thanks!

    PS: After the original series and Rediscovery, I told myself I’d take a break from TAW and listen to a different series for a while, but I accidentally started listening to B1 and then I just couldn’t stop! Great job as usual!

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