Episode B4 – Limitem Mundi

Synopsis: Juba and Selene begin their rule of Mauretania.

“Cato said…they must make no prayer for him; prayer belonged to the conquered, and the craving of grace to those who had done wrong; but for his part he had not only been unvanquished all his life, but was actually a victor now as far as he chose to be, and a conqueror of Caesar in all that was honorable and just.” – Plutarch, The Life of Cato the Younger

“My husband has died and I have no son.  They say about you that you have many sons.  You might give me one of your sons to become my husband.  I would not wish to take one of my subjects as a husband… I am afraid.” – Queen Ankhesenamun of Egypt, Letter to King Suppiluliuma I of Hatti

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