Episode 31 – Land of Imposters

“After I became king, I fought nineteen battles in a single year and, by the grace of Ahura Mazda, I overthrew nine kings and I made them captive…As to these provinces which revolted, lies made them revolt, so that they deceived the people.  Then Ahura Mazda delivered them into my hand; and I did unto them according to my will.” – Darius I, Behistun Inscription

Darius spent years reconquering the rebellious territories of the Persian Empire.  Peisistratos was successful in passing his Athenian tyranny down to his sons, Hippias and Hipparchus.  Cleomenes set his sights on Spartan domination of the Greek mainland.

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  1. Hi Scott, Thanks for another great installment. Still thoroughly enjoying this great show, it keeps getting more interesting! Keep up the great work. Cheers

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