Episode 30 – The Lost Army

“So Darius son of Hystaspes was made king, and the whole of Asia, which Cyrus first and Cambyses after him had conquered, was subject to him…and everything was full of his power. First he made and set up a carved stone, upon which was cut the figure of a horseman, with this inscription: ‘Darius son of Hystaspes, aided by the excellence of his horse, and of Oebares his groom, got possession of the kingdom of Persia.'” – Herodotus

Cambyses successfully conquered Egypt, but forays beyond its frontiers met with frustration and disaster.  The promise of Lydian gold lured Polycrates to a gruesome death in Sardis.  Bardiya briefly wrestled the Persian Empire from his brother, only to lose it to a conspiracy of nobles led by Darius.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 30 – The Lost Army

  1. Just want to say, absolutely fantastic blog. Up there with Mike Duncan's "The History of Rome". Always been interesting in the classical era but had no idea about all civilizations that existed before then until listening to your podcast. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks! Mike's podcast is was one of my favorites, really excellent. I'm really happy to be able to introduce people to so many interesting civilizations. You're right, they don't get as much press as Greece and Rome. I always find it fascinating that Neo-Assyria was still going strong for the first 150 years of Roman history – you never really think of them both being around at the same time. Anyway, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!

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