Episode B32 – The Fourth Caesar

Synopsis:  Severus’ close friendship with Plautianus estranges him from his family.  In his final years, a rebellion in Britannia provides one last opportunity to shape his legacy.

“The contemporaries of Severus, in this enjoyment of the peace and glory of his reign, forgave the cruelties by which it had been introduced.  Posterity, who experienced the fatal effects of his maxims and example, justly considered him as the principal author of the decline of the Roman Empire.” – Edward Gibbon, History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume 1, Chapter 5

4 thoughts on “Episode B32 – The Fourth Caesar

  1. Thanks! Yep, I'm enjoying my time with the Severans 😉 It's nice to have members of the Bloodline who are so well-documented, better for trying to dig into personalities and motivations. Take care!

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