Episode B30 – Mater Castrorum

Synopsis:  Severus defeats Niger and wages a limited Eastern campaign.  While Julia Domna is hailed as Mother of the Camps, Caracalla’s elevation to Caesar prompts a second civil war.

“There used to be an oracle about Hannibal’s death.
‘The soil of Libyssa would cover Hannibal’s body.’
The later emperor of the Romans, Severus,
Who was a descendant of the Libyans, he put upon this man’s
Tomb a white piece of marble to honor the commander Hannibal.”  

– John Tzetzes, Chiliades (or Book of Histories), Book 1, 801 – 805

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  1. I've always been taught that ethnocentric beliefs are not correct, (i.e. that no culture is superior to any other). Is it right for someone to presume that life is "better" or "worse" in various parts of the world? It seems like a pretty shoddy perspective in my opinion…
    world cultures

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