Episode B21 – Betrayal

Synopsis:  Gaius Julius Sohaemus is compelled to help the Romans conquer Commagene.

“Petus…fell upon Commagene before Antiochus and his people had the least expectation of his coming.  He had with him the tenth legion, and also some cohorts and troops of horsemen.  These kings also came to his assistance: Aristibulus, king of the country called Chalcidene, and Sohaemus, who was called King of Emesa.  Nor was there any opposition made to his forces when they entered the kingdom, for no one of that country would so much as lift up his hand against them.” – Josephus, The Jewish War, Book VII, Chapter 7

4 thoughts on “Episode B21 – Betrayal

  1. Hello Scott! I finally caught up with your podcasts a few episodes ago, and just wanted to say that as much as I enjoyed your first two series, I think you’ve really hit your stride with the current one. Cheers.

  2. I just stumbled across your podcast last week while looking for resources on the bronze age collapse. I'm an amateur historian, though much less accomplished than you.

    So far I've listened to the first nine episodes, I've enjoyed them and learned quite a bit. I'm looking forward to the rest over the next few months, and to integrating the resources you've linked to here. Your work in on par with, in some cases better than, professional work available from the "Great Courses" company.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work,


  3. Hi Vince! Thanks for the nice feedback. I'm super-intrigued by the Bronze Age Collapse myself. I hope you enjoy the rest of the original series, as well as the Rediscovery and Bloodline series. Take care! – Scott C.

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