Episode B19 – The Prefect

Synopsis:  Tiberius Julius Alexander throws Egypt’s backing behind Vespasian’s bid for the throne.

“Accordingly, in order to overthrow John (of Gischala), they determined to admit Simon (bar Giora), and earnestly to desire the introduction of a second tyrant into the city…Accordingly he, in an arrogant manner, granted them his lordly protection, and came into the city, in order to deliver it from the zealots.  The people also made joyful acclamations to him, as their savior and their preserver; but when he was come in, with his army, he took care to secure his own authority, and looked upon those that had invited him in to be no less his enemies than those against whom the invitation was intended.  And thus did Simon get possession of Jerusalem.” – Josephus, The Jewish War, Book IV, Chapter 9

3 thoughts on “Episode B19 – The Prefect

  1. You simply can't invent this stuff, pure Monty Python. Fortunately we've come a long way since Simon bar Giora, nothing farcical about our political elites and the way things are run today, thank god! At the Zealot's plan to join forces with Simon ('awesome plan, no conceivable downside') I had to pause for laughing. Thanks Scott, never a dull moment in this very complex and condensed narrative.

  2. Great to hear from you, and glad you're still enjoying the series! I'll be going on a long break soon, so you can get all caught up on the rest 😉 Take care!

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