Episode B11 – Caedis

Synopsis:  The end of Tacfarinas, and the bloody co-rule of Tiberius and Sejanus. 

“Then, as the campaign had demonstrated Ptolemy’s good-will, an old-fashioned distinction was revived, and a member of the Senate was dispatched to present him with the traditional bounty of the Fathers, an ivory scepter with the embroidered robe, and to greet him by the style of king, ally and friend.” – Tacitus, The Annals, Book IV
“There followed from now onward a sheer and grinding despotism: for, with Augusta still alive, there had remained a refuge; since deference to his mother was ingrained in Tiberius, nor did Sejanus venture to claim precedence over the authority of a parent.  But now, as though freed from the curb, they broke out unrestrained.” – Tacitus, The Annals, Book V

Updated Julio-Claudian Family Tree:


Triptychs for Episodes B1 through B21:

2 thoughts on “Episode B11 – Caedis

  1. This is by way of a general comment about The Ancient World. Scott, your endeavours are a tour de force with an intelligent blend of facts, interpretation and humour. I am slowly working my way through the Episodes in order, having originally sampled just those that interested me. This has unravelled into a procession of memorable characters, places and events that are slowly making sense to me. The R series and the B series provide a great counterpoint and the use of multiple angles leads to plenty of "ah ha" moments.
    This series is one of my favourite historical podcasts and leaves most of the others for dead.
    My only problem is that live lectures are now boring by contrast. Oh and I forgot to mention all of the fabulous source material on the blogspot.
    A great thing you have done/are doing. Keep up the good work and one day I may understand my first 1% of ancient history.

  2. Thank you very much! It's always gratifying when the series really connects with someone. I'm very excited about Bloodline, so you can look forward to many more episodes to come! Take care – Scott C.

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