Episode B2 – Rex Socius Amicusque

Synopsis: The early years of Juba II, fostered in the family of Octavian and Octavia.

“(Scipio) increased the honor by observing, that among the Romans there was nothing more magnificent than a Triumph; and that those who triumphed were not arrayed with more splendid ornaments than those with which the Roman people considered Massinissa alone, of all foreigners, worthy.” – Livy, The History of Rome, Book XXX

Triptychs for Episodes B1 through B21:


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2 thoughts on “Episode B2 – Rex Socius Amicusque

  1. I'm loving the new series! The events during Octavius's time have always been jumbled in my brain, and I can tell this is going to straighten them out.
    And starting from the point of view of the little girl was very smart. In such a bloody period of history, her chances of surviving would seem small, and we are all likely to hope for her doing so anyway.

  2. Thanks! Glad you're liking it, and glad you trust me to make sense of all those crazy family connections. I've already got the next Family Tree ready for a few episodes down the line, plus a DOUBLE Family Tree for the Eastern ruling dynasties in Ep. B6. So stay tuned! Glad you like my starting with Cleopatra Selene. There's actually a good reason I chose her (which I'll discuss down the line), but once I decided to start with her, the next question was "what part of her life?" That's when I seized on the "first memory" idea, and then I did something similar with Juba. But yes, getting to know the main characters from an early age is helpful in sympathizing with all the ups and downs they go through later. Take care!

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