Episode 16 – The Assyrian

“And Pul, the King of Assyria, came against the land.” – II Kings, 15:19

In 745 BC, Tiglath-pileser III reformed the administrative and military structure of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, and led the armies of Assur in a virtually-unbroken string of regional conquests.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 16 – The Assyrian

  1. Just listened to the new episode.

    It's a shame that in school, all we really learned about Antiquity was about the Romans and the classical Greeks, as though they'd just been there all along and constituted the sum of the classical world (except for the occasionnal barbarian encroachments from the North or the East), whereas in reality a LOT of other peoples and civilizations contributed just as much and in many different ways to shaping the millenias to come.

    Your podcast shines a light on those other, more ancient civilizations, and it does a pretty good job of it at that. Again, thanks a lot! Keep it coming! ; )

  2. Thanks, that's pretty much the reason I'm doing the series. Once I learned about the Minoans, the Phoenicians, Ancient Egypt, the Assyrians, etc. I was surprised that there was a large chunk of ancient history that wasn't commonly known. I looked for other podcasts covering the material, but the pickings were pretty slim. So I decided I'd tackle it myself! Have a good Thanksgiving!

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