Episode 9 – The Other 99 Percent

“Regarding what you wrote me before:  ‘Enemy ships were observed at sea!’  If it is true that ships were observed, reinforce yourself.  Where are your troops and chariots?  Are they not with you?  If not, who will deliver you from the enemy?  Surround your cities with walls and bring your troops and chariots into them.  Watch out for the enemy and reinforce yourself well!” – The King of Alashiya, writing to King Hammurabi of Ugarit
The Sea Peoples cut a swath of destruction from Greece to Egypt, while wars, internal conflicts and hostile desert tribes ravaged the civilizations of Mesopotamia.  It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel…like an extended break!

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17 thoughts on “Episode 9 – The Other 99 Percent

  1. Thanks to all of you! Always good to return from vacation to some good feedback and encouragement. I'm hoping to start work on the next episode over the next week or two (I'm in the middle of a very busy month!) Thanks again
    PS David, yes, it's funny how little range there is from a Kassite King to Khloe Kardashian (sorry, couldn't resist the aliteration) – snippy backbiting transcends time and space!

  2. Thanks! Planning to start on next episode over the next week or so. Probably won't be posted for a few weeks yet. Then will try to resume a regular schedule.

  3. Interesting thoughts, and a very interesting period. One correction: I never came across any research associating the term "habiru" with the Hebrews. The Hebrews start featuring more prominently in the region from Episode 10 onward. Thanks again for listening!

  4. Ever since you started this amazing podcast I've been looking into as many other sources on ancient history as I've had time to. One interesting book I read lately entitled "The End of the Bronze Age: Changes in Warfare and the Catastrophe ca 1200 BC" by Robert Drews takes a very interesting position on the Bronze Age collapse.

    The author gives a brief rundown of the strengths and weaknesses in his opinion of the other prevalent theories regarding the Bronze Age Collapse before going into his own theory on how it all happened.

    I really enjoyed learning more about the different theories on the Collapse, and regardless of whether you agree with the author's theory or not it is very well presented. I thought you might enjoy giving it a read if you can find a copy (I got mine at a local used book store). My only complaint was that is was definitely heavy on specialized lingo as well as having multiple quotes in different languages that while seeming important to his point were left untranslated.

    Anyways, I'm loving the podcast so keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Collin! I just threw the book on my Amazon Wish List (I have to leave a few presents there for my wife to get me on special occasions). It looks interesting, and has positive reviews (including your own!), so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. The Bronze Age Collapse episode was one of my favorites, since it was such a major re-shuffle of the status quo. Thanks for listening, and for the recommendation! Scott C.

  6. Hi,
    well there seems to be some discussion among theologians. I just put you a German link, but they list some English references (Mendenhall, Na'aman).
    Yet, the conclusion of this German article is that while philologically this seems interesting, from the historical perspective it seems to be elusive.

    BTW just started your podcast recently, but I really love it. Thanks a lot!

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